In development: MOTOBLUR theme for BlackBerry7 devices

As an avid Motorola ATRIX user, I have tried many different launchers but have always came back to MOTOBLUR for no apparent reason. I want BlackBerry users to be able to experience the same experience that we Motorola users are having.

The theme will be first released as a beta in the comings weeks for the Torch 9860, then ports will be made for other OS7 devices after launch.

No plans have been made for devices running on OS6 and below, although I may port the theme to those devices if there is a huge response.

This theme will come free of charge 2 weeks after the first copies of beta have been distributed.

What can you expect
– 2 versions: one with a white dock (as on the ATRIX and photon) and one with the grey dock (found on the droid3, bionic, RAZR and RAZR maxx)

– many quick bugfixing updates

– a dedicated app to find out if you are on the latest version of your theme


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