Past Year’s Projects

Last year, in 2010, we did our project on the topic “Saving our planet”. It was a very important topic as we, as a new generation of humans, are facing what we call “Global Warming”. It is not something we can smaile about, especially with the rising temperatures and climate changes that people are all facing everywhere in this planet. Everyone should do their part in saving th environment.

We had to make things out of recycled or reused materials, and my group had apparently decided to use old used jeans to make new handbags and a purse. I used some cloth to make a “Green” phone pouch, but unfortunately I did not manage to sell it on PW day 2010 :/

The whole event was a fun one, though, and i do hope that PW day 2011 will be as fun as it can be! The topic we are doing for PW 2011 is about leading a Healthy Lifestyle, and as my group is always all out on food, we chose to do our sub-topic on healthy eating 🙂 I sure hope this turns out to be very successful:)


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